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Are you a pirate?

This reminds me of Metal Gear Solid’s information control, some of you guys do not understand that webpages like demonoid are part of the digital revolution millions of people in the third world like myself for the first time in history had access to all this media content from music, videos, films, documentals, software, all this content was either too expensive or inaccessible, with access to infromation our level of education has increased tenfold from the last generation, just look at most hardcore pirates, people who have learned english like myself solely from interacting over the internet, from Russia, Vietnam, Peru, Venezuela, etc, where would I have listened to bands like Led Zeppelin or Nirvana?, those are almost unheard of in my country, but internet has made them incredibly popular between my entire internet-generation, through playing warcraft III I shared my mp3 nirvana songs with so many people from different latin american countries and a lot of those people became fans of this rock band, now that I’m older rock music has taken a second place in my life, now it’s books, I got hundreds of books in PDF format, a true collections of classics from 1984 to a bunch of books of Isaac Asimov and Chuck Palahnkiuk and I download pimspleur english lessons for spanish speakers to give it to my local friends who want to learn english, using the internet I have learned 2 languages now and I’m learning a forth one. if i was born 10 years earlier this would have been almost impossible. Almost all this content I got from Demonoid, that’s what it gave me, it is such an important part of my life.

Now anonymous members from Venezuela, my country, have put corrupt politicians in the spotlight as frauds hacking their twitter accounts and taking down their webpages, they learned those skills too, the same way I learned mine. If there is something that will turn humanity into a thinking mass, instead of a mindless mass is this abundant flow of information, these people looking to finish sharing of files may have a legal reason, but they live in another age, conservatives, holding the progress of humanity to hold to an inherited fortune.



A view to a kill

Vilket synsätt man har till ett problem vinklar hur man försöker lösa det.

Inom dator administration så hör jag ofta rekomendationen att skapa en virtuell maskin vilket iofs oftast löser många problem.

Men i många fall är den modifikation jag vill göra extremt minimal och smälla upp en virtuell maskin med de extra minneskrav och resurser detta tar är ofta extremt överdrivet för den minimala förändring jag vill uppnå.

Ta en såpass enkel sak som att på ett Linux system supporta flera versioner av en given applikation.

Förvisso kan man göra special lösningar ala gcc där man skapar flera olika paket med lite olika namn gcc3 gcc4 eller dito eller kanske kör med chroot.

Frågan är då varför skall jag behöva smälla upp en hel vm-ware eller chroot för att jag vill lösa ett pytte problem?

För det specifika problemet med flera versioner av ett specifik programvara så brukar det enklaste vara att separat kompilera upp programvaran själv för att vara ärlig (men själv syftet med pakethanteraren borde vara att man skulle slippa detta? … nu finns det förvisso tex gobolinux som faktiskt supportar ovanstående scenario, men flertalet distar gör det absolut inte )

Hur som helst, den generiska problemet att jag vill göra en mindre ändring i systemet supportas inte då det bryter den filsystems vyn som hela tiden finns där (tänk central-styrning alla måste se samma vy tyvär). Det finns en total genomgripande tanke inom de gamla unix systemen och det är att den vy av filsystemet som ett program ser skall vara ekvivalent med vad ett annat program ser.

Denna idee är redan bruten med fuse och /proc, men den skulle behöva brytas ner mera i grunden anser jag, jag vill åstadkomma något mera likt plan9, vi bör se på saker så som tex view-os där man kan åstadkomma intressant program och implementeringar genom att titta på dessa saker.

Understanding & UK

We need to understand why the riots have happened.
We might dislike hate them and we might use violence, but in the end we *must* understand.

I think this quote below is a good starting point to get some understanding …

You miss one critical item here though; the Egyptians largely had the support of their military. What’s more, they TRUSTED their military. They were also united; rich, poor, old, young…they walked into the streets as a NATION, and they were protected from the worst of the police excesses by a strong military ensuring neither side went too far over the line.

I totally disagree with the thought that every single rioter in the UK was in it for nothing more than free stuff and to cause mayhem. I’ve taken my time to talk to many who participated. While I cannot condone the means, there was more to this than the right-wing party line of “criminality.”

This was an expression of rage. It was an outpouring of hopelessness. These aren’t middle-class youth out on a binge because daddy didn’t buy them an iPhone. These are the forgotten; people without a future, with no job prospects, no way to pay for education, and no idea how to save themselves from the spiral of poverty that – in most cases – they were born into.

They are people without much in the way of role models, raised in areas where “the man” and his multi-tentacled authorities not only rarely helped, but usually actively persecuted them for what – to them – seemed like no discernable reason. These are the people on the wrong end of the wealth gap; those sanding outside in the cold looking in on the family sitting down to a six-course turkey dinner.

Are they right in what they did? No. Does it mean that they did it “only for criminality?” No. In many cases it was nothing more than a sense of “finally, a chance to do something, a chance to stick it to those who have ground us down, a chance to vent my frustrations, my rage and my hopless despair all over these motherfuckers and make them pay.”

That spiralled out of control; combined with a rush, a thrill…and then got ugly.

And then little Timmy middle class got involved. Then little Timmy iPhone decided that “well, all these other people are getting stuff for free, why not me?” So you have two factors at work:

The first is the sheer greed of rampant consumerism practically bred into the youth of today combined with a sense of anonymity and a feeling that “now is my chance to raise my social status.” Social status of course being nearly exclusively tied to the possession and acquisition of material objects in today’s society. This is easy to focus on, because the barbaric acts perpetrated by people are easy to hate when you can frame it “people who already have a lot trying to get more, for free.”

The other is that element of suppressed class warfare that boiled over and started the whole thing in the first place. With these people in the streets making a mess of things – for reasons that had more to do with hoplessness than with greed – there was excellent cover for the greedy to flood the streets. The greedy felt they could hide anonymously amongst the dispossessed.

The cute part is that the bit about hopelessness, depair, and an entire underclass of people with absolutely nothing to lose…that’s the part that been ignored. The stupid greedy prats out for an iPhone and an HD telly – far from being anonymous – have become the focus of an entire nation.

So, are there difference between Egypt and London? Jesus H mother of a broken donky, yes. Do I think Egypt handled their rebellion better? Yes.

But Egypt was united. They were the very large many against a very powerful few. What can’t be forgotten about London was that this started as a very powerless few against an apathetic and dismissive many. I don’t see how that few could have made their voices heard any other way.

The quote that keeps coming back to me is this: “sure, the riots are wrong. But you wouldn’t even be talking to us if we hadn’t done it.”

So you can all hang me as a heathen witch for pointing out the elephant in the room here, but when you have a group of tens of thousands of people in your city who feel that alienated and hopeless, there’s something a hell of a lot more wrong with your society than the greedy bastards who wanted an iPhone. And it needs addressing just as much – if not more – as the greedy pricks pillaging the city need put into jail.

I do however accept that is not at all a popular view, nor one that’s going to get much airtime. Sadly, that disaffected underclass is not getting smaller, it’s growing quite rapidly in today’s economic climate. Perhaps one day, they will Egypt. Perhaps they’ll even learn from the Egyptians, and do it right.



Also: Trying to understanding should never be a sin.


Engagerar sig de nya generationerna?

Ja självklart gör de detta, dock i många fall på nya och andra sätt.

Precis som stora rörelser skapades på 60 talet för att demonstrera mot saker som de tyckte var fel eller som de ville stödja, så skapas organisationer strukturer som jobbar för att stödja de mål som dagens ungdomar stödjer.

Om du i dagens samhälle vill se en motsvarighet till civilolydnad så finns det att se i viss form som folk kanske känner igen när det gäller miljö/natur politik tex.
Likväl så pågår en ny aktivism på nya områden som någon med 60 tals ögen kanske inte skulle känna igen vid första anblicken.

Vad är dagens aktivism i anonymous om de inte är dagens motsvarighet till civil olydnad?

Varför har tex Murdoch kunnat spionera på folk i åratal utan att något har kommit fram?

Vi kan inte idag tyst sitta still och hoppas att tidningarn skall lösa våra problem, vi måste själva bli rädda, arga *reagera* om vi skall lämna över vårat land i ett bättre skick än när vi fick det till oss.

Men detta ger visst hopp:


Sedan kan man tycka att det är fel/rätt eller vad man vill.
I slutet så är detta ungt folk som engagerar sig.

IMF sex charge ..

The extreme powerful chief of IMF has been charged with rape.
The case does not seem to be holding up in court.

A day after the alleged assault, she made a telephone call to a jailed man, recorded by the police, in which she discussed possible financial gain from the case, according to two officials quoted in the New York Times.


According to a comments further down in the economist…

DSk case gets more bizarre by the minute


”PARIS — A French writer who recently said Dominique Strauss-Kahn tried to sexually assault her in 2003 will officially accuse him of attempted rape, her lawyer announced Monday, even as separate sexual assault charges against Mr. Strauss-Kahn in New York seemed to be weakening. …”


The information about the maid should have been available faster, (it should not take 4+ weeks), to understand that her information would not stand up in court etc.

Something begin to smell a bit odd to me.

A majority of French people believe presidential hopeful Dominique Strauss-Kahn, accused of sexually assaulting a chambermaid, is the victim of a plot.

Almost 60 per cent feel the International Monetary Fund chief is innocent and has been framed in a conspiracy


Edit: 4+ weeks

Real enemy of the unions

I hope that people within unions reads interesting articles such as this one below.


A parting note: reports about protests in Spain are more or less none existant in Swedish news sites, you will have to visit foreign sites to get more info.

(with the exception that May 22 a few articles where published)
(It is to the point that I browse a gaming forum every other day to get reports from Bahrain, Spain etc, seems strange does it not?
For instance http://www.teamliquid.net)
(Compare searcing in google for ”protest spain” and add site:se or site:dk etc, nothing found in Seden after the 22 May)

I wonder what the unions in Spain are doing …. well I guess I should visit the guardian or something …

Alltid intressanta Bruce ..

Bruce Schneier senast blogg inlägg vilket verkar bli en intressant läsning om säkerhet och det komplexa system kring global säkerhet och de parasiter detta kan innefatta. Ett kortfattat tal om säkerhet vs kännslan av säkerhet finns också att tillgå på TED talks.