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Are you a pirate?

This reminds me of Metal Gear Solid’s information control, some of you guys do not understand that webpages like demonoid are part of the digital revolution millions of people in the third world like myself for the first time in history had access to all this media content from music, videos, films, documentals, software, all this content was either too expensive or inaccessible, with access to infromation our level of education has increased tenfold from the last generation, just look at most hardcore pirates, people who have learned english like myself solely from interacting over the internet, from Russia, Vietnam, Peru, Venezuela, etc, where would I have listened to bands like Led Zeppelin or Nirvana?, those are almost unheard of in my country, but internet has made them incredibly popular between my entire internet-generation, through playing warcraft III I shared my mp3 nirvana songs with so many people from different latin american countries and a lot of those people became fans of this rock band, now that I’m older rock music has taken a second place in my life, now it’s books, I got hundreds of books in PDF format, a true collections of classics from 1984 to a bunch of books of Isaac Asimov and Chuck Palahnkiuk and I download pimspleur english lessons for spanish speakers to give it to my local friends who want to learn english, using the internet I have learned 2 languages now and I’m learning a forth one. if i was born 10 years earlier this would have been almost impossible. Almost all this content I got from Demonoid, that’s what it gave me, it is such an important part of my life.

Now anonymous members from Venezuela, my country, have put corrupt politicians in the spotlight as frauds hacking their twitter accounts and taking down their webpages, they learned those skills too, the same way I learned mine. If there is something that will turn humanity into a thinking mass, instead of a mindless mass is this abundant flow of information, these people looking to finish sharing of files may have a legal reason, but they live in another age, conservatives, holding the progress of humanity to hold to an inherited fortune.


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